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Baltic Shipping Services open vacancies

BSS: We have the following urgent openings Gas Engineers for the newest and biggest VLGC Gas tankers (available more than 8 positions at the moment) Join date: October, November, December We have the following conditions: Monthly salary: 7.000 USD for NON EU candidate, 7.500 USD for EU candidate Duration of contract: 6 months (negotiable, can be 4 as well) Vessel's build year: 2015 Trading Area: WW Crew: Mixed Requirements: Good knowledge of English language, positive references and experience on gas tanker vessels is a must. Please always follow our urgent open vacancies through click herewww.balticshipping.com and apply for vacancies online. You also can send Your CV to our email crewing@balticshipping.lv or liaise with our crewing managers by phone +37166102291

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sayhello: Для вакансий есть отдельная тема

Алик: Контора занята набиванием базы. Не ведитесь.

Baltic Shipping: Gas Engineer?

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