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Desperado: Предлагаю открыть новую тему. Постить все, что интересно и касается оффшора. Здесь же и обсуждать можно. Информационные ресурсы: Offshore Energy Today Начало темы тут

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Anton MAO: Kleven takes over construction of Volstad’s OCVs Volstad originally placed the orders with Bergen Group Fosen, but the projects have now been sold to Kleven. The vessels are of ST 259 CD design from Skipsteknisk, and the sister vessel ‘Grand Canyon’ was delivered from Bergen Group to Volstad in 2012. Bergen Group explained the move by the fact that the company’s desire to place a more dedicated focus on offshore related activities. “It is two large and highly advanced vessels for subsea maintenance and construction work that we’re now going to deliver from Myklebust Verft, and we very much look forward to working with the Volstad family again. Back in 1988, we built the trawler ‘Volstad’ for the Volstad family,” said Ståle Rasmussen, CEO of Kleven.The 127 m long vessels will each have accommodation for 104 persons. In a filing to the Oslo stock exchange, Volstad said it was very pleased with the outcome: “Kleven is a highly competent yard and we are confident that the vessel will be delivered at the highest quality.”

Anton MAO: К свединиям тех кто говорит о "загибающейся индустрии" Baker Hughes: Offshore rig count up by 16 in February The international offshore rig count for February 2014 was 318, up 16 from the 302 counted in January 2014, and down 5 from the 323 counted in February 2013. The average U.S. rig count for February 2014 was 1,769, unchanged from the count in January 2014, and up 7 from the 1,762 counted in February 2013. The average Canadian rig count for February 2014 was 626, up 122 from the 504 counted in January 2014, and down 16 from the 642 counted in February 2013. The worldwide rig count for February 2014 was 3,736, up 138 from the 3,598 counted in January 2014, and up 57 from the 3,679 counted in February 2013.

Anton MAO: Eastern Shipbuilding delivers ‘Bravante VI’ PSV The BRAVANTE V (Hull 155), the first in the series, was delivered three months earlier and is currently on charter in Brazil. The BRAVANTE VI is the second STX SV290 design of five vessels in a series which are all, ABS Classed, AC Diesel-Electric powered, twin Z-drive propelled PSV’s measuring 284’(86.5m) x 60’(18.3m) x 24’-6”(7.5m). These high-tech vessels feature four Cummins QSK-60DM 16-cylinder turbo-charged IMO Tier II diesel generator engines each rated at 1825 kW at 1,800 rpm. Cummins also furnished the four Marathon Model 744 690VAC main generators. Main propulsion power is provided by two 690VAC electric motors driving two Schottel Combi-Drives SCD 2020 Single Fixed Pitch Propellers with Nozzles rated at 2,500 kW at 750 rpm each for a total of 6,700 Hp. Schottel also provides two STT 4 Fixed Pitch Reversing Tunnel Thrusters rated at 1,180 kW at 1,170 rpm, each with direct coupled Hyundai 690VAC electric motors. GE Energy provides the complete system integrated diesel electric package, including the thruster drives, motors, control systems, DP system, switchboards, motor control centers, automation and navigation/ communication electronics. These vessels are capable of a maximum speed of over 13 knots with a cruising speed of 12 knots. The fully integrated bridge is arranged for increased visibility and features the latest technology in navigation, communication equipment. STX Canada Marine and Eastern Shipbuilding provided the design for these vessels from the very successful and proven Eastern Shipbuilding “Tiger Shark Class” Series. Ten (10) other Offshore Supply Vessels in this series have been delivered to Eastern’s clients and have already proven themselves in worldwide operations. Eastern Shipbuilding Group is currently under contract constructing a total of fifteen vessels of similar size and complexity for customers here in the United States and in Brazil.

Anton MAO: ABS to class new OCVs for Edison Chouest Offshore The ULSTEIN SX165 design vessels, ordered through Island Ventures II LLC, will be built at Ulstein Verft in Norway and Edison Chouest’s LaShip yard in Houma, Louisiana, in the US. The OCVs will be 28 m wide and 145.7 m long with accommodations for 200 people. They will be equipped with one 400-metric-ton crane and one 140-metric-ton crane, a large moonpool measuring 11.2 x 12 m, and two smaller moonpools with remotely operated vehicle installed in a centrally located hangar. The vessel has three separate engine rooms to provide extreme operational reliability. Health, safety and the environment have been fully considered in the development of this design. The vessels design provides for crew comfort and safety in accordance with international regulation ILO Maritime Labour Convention and features four lifeboats, two on each side. In addition, the vessels are equipped with SCR catalyst systems for NOx emission reduction. According to Ulstein Verft, this will be the largest vessel to date to be built at the yard and is the company’s largest single shipbuilding contract. “Ulstein Verft is pleased to work with ABS for this exiting project, and we are looking forward to expanding our cooperation into new markets for these types of vessels,” says Managing Director of Ulstein Verft, Kristian Sætre. The vessel is scheduled for delivery in the third quarter of 2015. “We look forward to adding these vessels to our fleet,” says Edison Chouest Offshore CEO Gary Chouest. “The cooperation between our companies is excellent, and we look forward to working with Ulstein on the construction of these multifunctional vessels.” Хорошая компоновка, а так же размещение РОВ во внутренних ангарах со своим "мунпул" это крута, а то вечно сквозняки в ангаре когда РОВ работает, ни в тенис поиграть ни в дартс...

METAL HEART: Wärtsilä Details Scope of PSV Newbuild Contract with Siem Offshore http://www.abeam.org.br/noticia.php?id=286

Anton MAO: Чёта как то упустили из виду, а событие не малое, вроде как их первый 7G Drillship , ну а если не первый 7G то первый ultra deepwater ? итак встречайте !!! Maersk Drilling Takes Delivery Drillship Maersk Viking Maersk Viking is the first in a series of four ultra deepwater drillships to enter Maersk Drilling’s fleet in 2014, representing a total investment of $2.6 billion. The vessel has already begun its voyage to the US Gulf of Mexico where it will commence a three year contract with ExxonMobil. Featuring dual derrick and large subsea work and storage areas, the drillship design allows for efficient well construction and field development activities through offline activities. With their advanced positioning control system, the ships automatically maintain a fixed position in severe weather conditions with waves of up to 11 meters and wind speeds of up to 26 meters per second. Special attention has been given to safety on board the drillships. Equipped with Multi Machine Control on the drill floor, the high degree of automation ensures safe operation and consistent performance. Higher transit speeds and increased capacity will reduce the overall logistics costs for oil companies. Maersk Viking Specifications: Year of Construction: 2013 Class: American Bureau of Shipping Work area: Water depths up to 3,600 m (12,000 ft) Operating draught: 12 m (39 ft) Transit draught: 8,5 m (28 ft) Hull dimension: 228 m x 42 m x 19 m (748 ft x 138 ft x 62 ft) Rated water depth: 3,600 m (12,000 ft) Rated drilling depth: 12,000 m (40,000 ft) Variable load: 20,000 t Power supply: 6 x min 7,000 kW diesel generators Propulsion: 6 x 5,500 kW azimuth thrusters Well control equipment: 15,000 psi, 18 ¾” BOP; six cavity BOP stack Cranes: 4 x knuckle boom cranes, 85 t SWL at 18 m (59 ft), 17 t at 42.3 m (139 ft) Cement pump: 15,000 PSI (on free placement) Hoisting equipment capacity: 2,500,000 lb Drawworks: 9,000 hp Top drive: 2 x 1,1350 hp Mud pumps: 5 x 2,200 hp, 7,500 psi Bulk mud capacity: 4 x 105 m³ Bulk cement capacity: 4 x 105 m³ Liquid mud capacity: Active 960 m3 (6,030 bbl) Reserve 950 m3 (5,980 bbl) Accommodation: 230 people Фото под "катом" Источник

uk.xerson: Блин, они в Фейсбуке и в Инстаграме уже пол года, чуть ли не каждый день хвалятся этим Викингом...

KV: Anton MAO пишет: 7G Drillship никогда не понимал чёткой сегрегации между этими цифрами, кроме гордых вывесок в резюме

gvt: Ещё раз о загибающейся Нефтеиндустрии)))))) Сегодня случайно разговорился с одним из Дек Супервайзеров, англичанин, работает в Маерск Оил Катар......так вот, оказывается, у Маерска в Катаре есть официальный план разработок недр аж до 2085 года))))))))))) В Катаре начинается бум строительства Вышек, Бурилок и Джекапов))))))))))

k®о$аv4?g: KONGSBERG celebrates its 200th year anniversary today Established on 20th March 1814, the Kongsberg Group (KOG), a leading Norwegian technology company celebrates 200 years in business today. The company can boast the longest industrial history in Norway, with continuous operations since its foundation. As part of the Kongsberg Group (KOG), Kongsberg Maritime has played an important role in the development of the Norwegian technology company, which over two centuries has become a global leader within the maritime, oil & gas, defence and aerospace industries. KOG, originally Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk, was formed as a munitions company 200 years ago. In the years since it has grown to represent the best of Norwegian and international product and technology development. International high-technology corporation "There are not many businesses in the world that can boast 200 years of continuous operations, and this is something we are very proud and respectful of. We can look back on a unique and memorable history, and we are now a leading international high-technology corporation," says CEO Walter Qvam of KONGSBERG. In the maritime and offshore world, Kongsberg Maritime has become a vital aspect of KONGSBERG's global capabilities and with over half a century of technology development for ships, Kongsberg Maritime is today recognised as a pioneer in the fields of DP, automation, subsea and simulation technology. Maritime history During the fifties, KONGSBERG company Simrad commercialised echosounder and sonar technology, making hydroacoustics available outside of the military for the first time. In 1969, Kongsberg Norcontrol installed the first ever computerised engine monitoring and navigation system on the M/S Taimyr. The company then unveiled its first navigational simulator in 1974, while the first engine room simulator arrived in 1978. In 1977 the first KONGSBERG Dynamic Positioning (DP) system was put into operation on board the diving support vessel Seaway Eagle. "Over the years, Kongsberg Maritime has introduced a number of firsts that have contributed to safer and more efficient operations at sea. We have strong ambitions to continue the development of innovative, new solutions to meet future market demands" comments Geir Håøy, President, Kongsberg Maritime. "During our history, KONGSBERG has become a global company, with facilities and employees all over the world dedicated to supporting our customers, wherever they are. "2014 is a hugely significant year for KONGSBERG. Celebrations for the bi-centenary started in January with events at offices in various countries and will continue throughout the year in different locations. 200 year website KONGSBERG has also developed a brand new '200 Years' website, which tells the story of the company from its beginnings in 1814 up to its position today as a leading global technology supplier. http://200.kongsberg.com

sayhello: COSCO (Nantong) Shipyard a subsidiary of the COSCO Shipyard Group informs it has delivered a pipelay heavy lift vessel, "SapuraKencana 1200", to its Asian buyer. The pipelay heavy lift vessel is designed to carry out multiple functions including oil piping processing, laying, installation and heavy lifting. Classed by ABS, the vessel is capable of working in shallow water of up to 200 meters with a ten-point mooring system. It is also equipped with a DP3 dynamic positioning system, which enables it to carry out heavy-lifting installation of large-scale offshore structures such as platform blocks, modules and jackets, as well as S-type pipe laying operations in water depths of up to 1,500 meters. SapuraKencana 1200 dimensions are: 153.6 meters LOA , 35 meters in breadth, 16.8 meters in depth, with a design draft of 7.5 meters and a lifting capacity of 1,300 tonnes.

METAL HEART: New Multi Purpose Support Vessel launched in Norway Norwegian Simek shipyard has informed that the hull of Yard no. 127 vessel was successfully launched at Angholmen last weekend. After being launched, two tug boats towed the ship to Simek. Subsea support vessel launche in Norway At Simek, the ship will be further outfitted and completed before its sea trials and delivery in May 2014 to Krúnborg Offshore. The vessel is an 85.45 m long subsea vessel of MM 85 MSV design. The contract provides work for Simek and Flekkefjord Elektro until delivery in May 2014. The vessel designed by Multi Maritime AS in Førde is specially designed for ROV work, survey, diving and light construction work. In addition, the vessel will be able to provide services to windmill construction works. The new building will have a diesel-electric propulsion system of 4 generators with approximately 6.490 kW. These supply power to two electric-powered propellers each of 1,600 kW aft. Estimated speed is approximately 14,5 knots. In addition, the ship is equipped with one bow thruster and two azimuth thrusters. The accommodation is designed for a total of 90 people, divided into 20 single and 35 double cabins, all with shower and toilet. http://www.offshoreenergytoday.com/new-multi-purpose-support-vessel-launched-in-norway/

KV: Как-то упустил из вида эту новость, но коллеги по цеху, кто держит руку на пульсе событий на рынке просветили. Songa offshore строит в DSME четыре полупогружных платформы, все для работы в Норвежском секторе. Платформы имеют подписанный контракт со Статиол на 7+5 лет. Сейчас строительство всех платформ очень сильно задерживается (что наблюдается на всех заводах Ю.Кореи). По неофициальной информации отбор кандидатов начнется в конце этого года, сейчас только риг менеджеры сидят на проектах. Другими словами-если успешно пройти отбор, то там наверно можно и карьеру заканчивать.

Kalmar4ik: KV пишет: если успешно пройти отбор можно даже не мечтать. только Норги будут на борту.

METAL HEART: SEADRILL has won a $US1.1 billion ($A1.9 billion), five-year charter contract from French supermajor Total SA for its “newbuild” ultra-deepwater drillship, West Jupiter. Computer model image of the West Jupiter courtesy of Seadrill. One of the eight 6th generation drillships under construction in South Korea for Seadrill, the West Jupiter is expected to be delivered in August with Total to deploy it in the EGINA ultra-deep offshore project in Nigerian waters. “The rig will be outfitted to work in up to 10,000 feet of water and is capable of water depths up to 12,000ft and drilling depths up to 37,500ft,” Seadrill said. With the new contract lifting Seadrill’s consolidated backlog of work to $US20 billion, its CEO Per Wullf was “very pleased”. “This contract provides an opportunity to deepen our relationship with a key customer and strategically increase our rig fleet in Nigeria, adding the West Jupiter alongside the West Capella which has been operating in the Usan field offshore Nigeria since 2008,” he said. “Seadrill takes pride in continuing to build its presence in the Nigerian oil and gas industry". http://www.energynewsbulletin.net/storyview.asp?storyid=824236830

vlade: Anton MAO пишет:  цитата: 7G Drillship Таких судов пока не сушествует. Самые новые это 6+ генерация и то она больше народная. Официально толко 6-я генерация сушествует

k®о$аv4?g: CSB Animation Details Deepwater Horizon Blowout https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCVCOWejlag Целый ряд фатальных моментов.

uk.xerson: World’s Biggest Vessel to be Completed in Port of Rotterdam ‘Pieter Schelte’, the biggest vessel in the world, is to be completed in the port of Rotterdam. Owner and designer Allseas and the Port of Rotterdam Authority have signed an agreement to this effect. The plan is for ‘Pieter Schelte’ to arrive in Rotterdam at the end of 2014. ‘Pieter Schelte’ is 382 metres long and 124 metres wide. The length, in combination with the massive width, makes this vessel unique. ‘Pieter Schelte’ is intended for installing and removing topsides and jackets of large offshore oil and gas platforms in a single lift. At the bow of the vessel is a slot, where topsides are lifted. The vessel is also equipped for laying large pipelines and, with her capacity, will be the largest pipelay vessel as well. The vessel can lift topsides of offshore platforms weighing up to 48,000 tonnes and jackets up to 25,000 tonnes. Alexiahaven Final assembly of ‘Pieter Schelte’ will take place in the Alexiahaven. The inner lake of Maasvlakte 2 currently provides the necessary space. A special pit will be dredged there for the vessel. In the port of Rotterdam, the 65 metre long beams of the topsides lift system will be installed. The lifting beams are being constructed in Italy and will be transported by ship to the Netherlands. “The construction of ‘Pieter Schelte’ means a great boost for the maritime industry. We’re proud that Allseas is responsible for this innovation and pleased that the port of Rotterdam can make a contribution. It’s in line with the Port Authority’s endeavour to develop the port further as a centre of the global maritime industry”, according to Allard Castelein, Chief Executive of the Port Authority. Allseas Allseas is world leader in offshore pipeline installation and subsea construction. The company employs over 2,500 people worldwide and has installed over 18,000 kilometres of subsea pipelines. Topsides lift capacity - 48,000 t (105,820 kips) Jacket lift capacity - 25,000 t (55,116 kips) Stinger length (incl. transition frame) - 210 m (690 ft) Operating draught - 10-25 m (32-82 ft) Maximum speed - 14 knots Total installed power - 95,000 kW Accommodation - 571 persons Dynamic positioning system - LR DP (AAA), fully redundant Kongsberg K-Pos DP-22 and 2 x cJoy system Deck cranes - 3 x Pipe transfer cranes of 50 t (110 kips) at 33 m (108 ft) 1 x Special purpose crane of 600 t (1,323 kips) at 20 m (66 ft) Work stations - Double-joint factory with 5 line-up stations and 2 stations for combined external and internal welding; Main firing line with 6 welding stations for double joints, 1 NDT station and 6 coating stations Tensioner capacity - 4 x 500 t (4 x 1,102 kips) Pipe diameters - From 2" to 68" OD Pipe cargo capacity (deck) - 27,000 t Nine MAN Diesel 32/44CR engines, with a total of 169 cylinders and a massive combined output of 94.6 MW, will power the generator sets. Of the nine generator sets, eight will be based on the 20-cylinder vee-configuration 20V32/44 CR engine and one on the inline configuration, nine-cylinder 9L32/44CR. These include the vessel’s diesel-electric propulsion and dynamic-positioning system, based on 12 thrusters with 360°azimuthing capability that give the vessel a speed of 12 knots when fully laden. The gensets will also cater for a considerable hotel load that provides for the large crew of 450.

Anton MAO: uk.xerson О как, читая про этот проект 3 года назад думал это маниакальная идея из разряда никогда не сбывшихся проектов, а оно вота как... Что же, будет видно насколько оно рентабельно .

METAL HEART: CSS Olympia Wins OSJ Offshore Support Vessel of the Year *** http://www.offshore-technology.com/contractors/design-engineering-construction/mac-offshore/press-osj-support-vessel-year-award.html ***

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