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Desperado: Предлагаю открыть новую тему. Постить все, что интересно и касается оффшора. Здесь же и обсуждать можно. Информационные ресурсы: Offshore Energy Today Начало темы тут

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uk.xerson: Van Oord Orders New Subsea Rock Installation Vessel Van Oord has ordered a new subsea rock installation vessel. Sinopacific Shipbuilding Group Shanghai will build the vessel at its Ningbo yard in China. Rotterdam, 1 September 2014 - Van Oord has ordered a new subsea rock installation vessel. Sinopacific Shipbuilding Group Shanghai will build the vessel at its Ningbo yard in China. The vessel will be delivered in 2016. Subsea rock installation is a proven technique for the protection and stabilisation of offshore structures and pipelines, and is one of Van Oord’s main activities for its clients in the oil and gas industry. The vessel, which has a DP-3 (dynamic positioning) system, will be suitable for installation of a wide range of rock sizes through a fall pipe or a tremie pipe at the side of the vessel. With a deadweight of 14,000 tons, a length of 154 metres and a beam of 28 metres, the vessel can operate in water depths of more than 600 meters. There is accommodation on board for 60 people. In close cooperation with the Ulstein Group special attention was paid during the design phase to the energy efficiency of the bow and hull. In addition to state-of-the-art components and materials, the vessel is being equipped with several innovative and sustainable systems, including a Green Passport, Clean Ship Notation and Ice Class 1A – PC7.

alex.1712: Marine Platforms Limited (MPL) is an indigenous Nigerian Company The Nigerian flagged vessel, African Inspiration will sail into the country’s waters in September this year. The 113 metre long multipurpose service vessel, owned by the Nigerian oil service firm Marine Platforms, has a Gross Tonnage of 5000t. The facility arrives at a landing cost of about $140 Million. Its main crane, which is 3000 metre long, has an active heave compensation of 250tonnes. It has the capacity to accommodate 120 persons on board and is sailing in with two (2) 200HP Remote operated vessels (ROVs). African Inspiration is being built by the Havyard group in Havyard Shipyard, located in the maritime cluster in the north west of Norway. African Inspiration will be Marine Platforms’ second vessel. The company’s first such facility, the $100Million African Vision,was commissioned in 2010. It carried out brief support works for (the French major) TOTAL’s Akpo field, Exxon Mobil’s Erha and (Shell subsidiary) SNEPCO’s Bonga North West field, supporting the Saipem Heavy Construction Vessel, before starting a long term subsea installation, repair and maintenance on SNEPCO’s main Bonga field.

illi4: Вот уже веттинги потихоньку и до оффшора добираются. The Offshore Vessels Inspection Database (OVID) is an inspection regime for offshore vessels, operated by the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF), and is similar in scope to the Ship Inspection Report Program (SIRE) regime used in the tanker industry. The program is increasingly being adopted by oil majors as the preferred inspection tool, and is now widely used in addition to the Common Marine Inspection Document (CMID) which has been utilised for many years in the offshore industry. The process begins with populating the Offshore Vessels Particulars Questionnaire (OVPQ) for each vessel, which contains detailed information on the vessel and its systems, processes, certification and crew. Completed OVPQs are uploaded to the OVID online database, which can be accessed by oil majors and other OCIMF member companies.

04eHb cTpaHH0: Упхахахп щас я это своим коллегам с "дреджеровским" менталитетом скажу, пусть огорчатся :) они на обычном веттинге на стену залезли бы

METAL HEART: *** http://www.vesselfinder.com/news/2397-Video-Pioneering-Walk-to-Work-vessel-launched ***

anat: [ut]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zK4EHCkfbhs#t=46[/ut] Набирают вшипс сейчас туда. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zK4EHCkfbhs#t=46

polo_2001: anat я уже постил вакансии туда больше недели назад... стармех - 950 уе 1ый механик - 810 уе 2ой механик - 500 уе 3ий механик - 400 уе

Васёк: polo_2001 Дык и первую партию набирали больше месяца назад :)

polo_2001: Васёк если ещё точнее то 4 месяца назад...

macmanaman87: Из наших кто-то там есть вообще? На Сеоне Амазон?

bar: Amsterdam 7 November 2014, HM MOS International Limited (parent company of Millennium Offshore Services Superholdings LLC) and Seafox Group (parent company of Seafox Contractors and Workfox), announce that both companies will combine to form the world´s largest offshore jack-up ASV and support company with a global reach spanning Europe, the Middle East & North Africa (MENA), and Asia Pacific Regions. The newly formed company will operate under the brand name Seafox. click here

k®о$аv4?g: Понеслась.... Один за другим рвутся миллиардные контракты. Это сигнал для тех, кто все еще очень сильно хочет в оффшор. ‘Pieter Schelte’ loses South Stream contract The massive, $40 billion South Stream pipeline project which was designed to supply Europe with Russian gas through the Black sea, has been cancelled. Russia’s decision against the construction of the offshore pipeline citing a lack of commitment of Bulgaria/EU, has impacted the suppliers. Saipem has seen its shares fall following the decision, despite the company claiming the project would still move on. Saipem had signed contracts worth hundreds of million of U.S. dollars for the pipe laying work at the project. This also means that one of the most interesting vessels in the world this year, the colossal ‘Pieter Schelte’, has lost its contract to lay the second line of the South Stream offshore pipeline. Under the contract signed in April, the 382 m long and 124 m wide multi-purpose heavy-lift and pipeline installation vessel, would start laying almost 900 km of offshore pipe for the second line of the pipeline in the summer of 2015 while Saipem would be responsible for Line 1. Swiss-based firm and the owner of the ‘Pieter Schelte’, was asked for comment on the South Stream cancellation news. Allseas replied: “The loss of the South Stream line 2 contract is unfortunate and means that Allseas will now start searching for new work for that period.” The ‘Pieter Schelte’, recently delivered by Daewoo in South Korea, in November set sail towards Rotterdam for the final outfitting. The vessel will be used to decommission several oil platforms in the North Sea. Источник

MaxRomeo: Schlumberger axes seismic fleet and workforce. Schlumberger, the world’s largest oilfield services provider, has announced job cuts and reduction in its WesternGeco marine seismic fleet to lower its operating costs. Schlumberger intends to retire older vessels with lower towing capacity and higher operating costs and convert the remaining lower-end vessels to source boats. Furthermore, the company says it will cancel most of its third-party charters. This will reduce its fleet size to 9 survey and 6 source vessels by the end of 2014, from a total of 15 survey and 8 source boats at the end of 2013. As a result, Schlumberger expects to record a pretax impairment charge of approximately $800 million in the fourth quarter of 2014, primarily relating to the six Explorer-class vessels acquired at a premium in the 2007 purchase of Eastern Echo Holdings Plc. as well as to certain other seismic assets. The company also reported that it is reducing overall headcount and that taking this step will enable it to enter 2015 with the right size to match the activity. Schlumberger adds that these reductions are ongoing and will result in a pretax charge in the fourth quarter currently estimated at $200 million. Source: OffshoreEnergyToday

METAL HEART: DAYRATES DOWN FOR TRANSOCEAN – (Transocean, Zug, Switzerland) The Transocean Fleet Update shows a sharp decrease in the daily rates – The 4th generation Jack Bates working for ENI in East Timor, is awarded a nine-month contract extension at a dayrate of $382,000. Prior dayrate was $420,000 – The UDW drillship Dhirubbai Deepwater KG2 is awarded a five-month contract extension in India by Reliance at a dayrate of $395,000. Prior dayrate was $510,000. The 6th generation semi-submersible GSF Development Driller 1, idle in the Gulf of Mexico, secured a two-year contract in Angola at a dayrate of $382,000. Previously idle, the generation Sedco Express was awarded a 1 well contract by Camac, offshore Nigeria. The UDW drillships Deepwater Pathfinder, Deepwater Expedition, GSF Explorer and the Discoverer Seven Seas are reported idle. source: oil and gas blogger

anat: SPECIFICATIONS Delivery January 2015 - On ten years contract with ENI Design Vard PSV-06 LNG Length 94.1 m Breadth 20.0 m Deck Approx. 950 m2 Class Det norske Veritas +1A1, SF, E0, GAS-FUELED, DYNPOS-AUTR, DK(+), HL(2.8), CLEAN DESIGN, NAUT-OSV(A), LFL*, COMF-V(3), ICE-C, OIL-REC, FIFI I+II, WINTERIZATION COLD, OFFSHORE SERVICE VESSEL SUPPLY. The vessel will be designed according to NOFO-2009 and NMD Standby (240 persons) http://www.mokster.no/our-fleet/new-build/vard-psv-06-lng---january-2015/666608BD-18A2-46E7-B0CC-DBF7D4838952/1

uk.xerson: Шото мало верится про 240 персон... Или в каюте по 8 человек живут?

anat: uk.xerson может там 10 кают по 12 , это уже 120 чел...

dima: uk.xerson, anat NMD Standby (240 persons) это количество спасенных которые могу быть размещены на борту в соответствии стребованиями Norwegian Maritime Directorate. 19 Accommodation requirements, furnishings and medical equipment for rescued persons, etc. (1) The standby vessel shall provide a reception area, treatment room for casualties, day room and a sanitary room with the necessary number of hand-basins, showers and toilets for rescued persons, a room for the deceased and bunks for 10% of the number of persons that can be accommodated on board. Fixed seating shall be provided in the day room. All the rooms and adjoining corridors shall have non-slip flooring. (2) The company shall calculate 0.75 m2 per person when calculating area for the number of rescued persons that can be accommodated on board. Accommodation for the crew, except sanitary rooms, treatment rooms, galley, wheelhouse and, if applicable, the radio room, may be included. Floor area taken up by bunks, tables, cupboards or other regular fittings shall not be included. (3) The reception area shall be in the immediate vicinity of the deck near the rescue zone. The reception shall be equipped to deal with both the registration and assessment for treatment of rescued persons/casualties. (4) The location, furnishings, equipment and size of the treatment room shall be such as to ensure that medical first aid for casualties can be properly carried out. The treatment room shall be in the immediate vicinity of the reception. The floor area shall measure not less than 15 m2. The room shall be used for the treatment of casualties only. As a minimum, the room shall be equipped with: a wash-basin with mixing battery, a treatment bench, a fixed rack for two stretchers, a mobile instrument table with waste bin, a medicine cupboard, cupboard for toxic substances and other necessary cupboards, an adjustable table lamp (e.g. angle-poise), an office desk with filing drawer, and a telephone which can be used while treating a patient (ref. § 21 subparagraph f) (5) The Norwegian Maritime Directorate may stipulate specific guidelines for technical medical equipment and furnishings for the rooms referred to in the first paragraph (6) Safe transport by stretcher between the rescue zone and the treatment room and between the treatment room and the helicopter winching zone shall be catered for in respect of both dimensions and arrangement. Doors from the treatment room out to the rescue and helicopter winching zones shall be at least 730 mm wide. Similarly reasonable passage shall be catered for between the rescue and helicopter winching zones. (7) The room designated for the deceased shall be large enough to cater for a number of persons equivalent to 10% of the number of persons who can be accommodated on board and be furnished so that the deceased may be accommodated in an aesthetically proper and fitting manner. The floor area shall be sufficient, when fixed beds or bunks of some kind are in place, to allow a stretcher to be brought into the room. Access to the room shall be of a size and arrangement suitable for the use of stretchers. Separate mechanical ventilation for the room is required. (8) All rooms for survivors shall be equipped with emergency exits. The emergency exit shall measure at least 800 m x 800 mm. (9) Wherever the sick or injured are to be treated, the general lighting shall be minimum 300 lux. Sockets shall be fitted in the treatment room and in all day rooms for portable electrical appliances and lamps. Soft lighting shall be available in the day rooms. (10) The standby vessel shall be fitted with a satisfactory heating and ventilation system pursuant to the provisions currently in force concerning accommodation in cargo ships. (11) A fixed external arrangement shall be installed to provide rescued persons with hot and cold water for the removal of oil, etc. Grating made of expanded metal shall be fitted under the arrangement and a handle fitted to the bulkhead, and non-slip flooring shall be fitted up to the rescue zone and the reception area. (12) Blankets or similar shall be carried on board equivalent in number to the number of rescued persons the vessel is designed to accommodate. (13) Emergency food supplies and throw-away cups shall be available on board sufficient in number for the rescued persons carried on board for at least two days. (14) Shipboard water supplies shall provide at least 100 litres of water for each person the standby vessel is designed to carry in addition to the vessel’s own needs.

AlexS: А никто и не заметил, что эта лодка "Powered by LNG" (GAS-FUELED)..... И думается мне, что основная фишка в этом.

uk.xerson: dima пишет: это количество спасенных которые могу быть размещены на борту Спасибо, буду знать... AlexS пишет: А никто и не заметил, что эта лодка "Powered by LNG" Та заметил, и подумал шо нафик такая ЛНЖ лодка, хер "бизнес" замутишь...

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