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Galant: Не встречал раньше эту компанию в обсуждении на форуме. Может кто-то работал или работает, что-то может сказать. Знаю что в основном работают Европа-Южная Америка.

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Наш человек: Участковый HS вроде ж Maersk схавал? Как Вас туда занесло?

666: Еще не схавал - только документы подписали. Переходный период до конца этого года,вроде бы... А разницу вы почувствуете, когда там станет настоящий "мерзк"

Наш человек: 666 пишет: Еще не схавал - только документы подписали. Переходный период до конца этого года,вроде бы... А разницу вы почувствуете, когда там станет настоящий "мерзк" Может зарплаты поднимут.

vad906: 13 окт, 17:24SBR - General Employees Meeting Dear Colleagues Today morning the General Employees Meeting (Betriebsversammlung) took place, Dr. Ottmar Gast and Dr. Arnt Vespermann from the Executive Board of Hamburg Süd informed us about the Target Operating Model (TOM) - Hamburg Süd's future business model as part of the Maersk. For us (seafarers) the most important topic was the future of CSG (sea and land). The message was such, that the CSG department would undergo a thorough reorganization. Maersk will probably re-flag all vessels to Danish and Singapore flags. Therefore some CSG departments tasks and responsibility will be transferred to Maersk (like: crewing, payroll, new building, etc.), what will lead to offer to all seafarers a new contracts. During presentation it was said that: - Employees employed by CSG under HTV/MTV permanent and limited contracts will be offered equivalent contract with ML A/S terms & conditions through local manning office/agency. - All other employees working with voyage contracts will be offered a re-employment with Maersk Line through local manning office/agency. After the presentation the seafarer colleagues who participated in the meeting met with the SBR to discuss the received information. Christoph Gessner was also present at the meeting, he then explained directly reasons and purposes for the reorganization of the CSG and its impact on seafarers. Right after this part of meeting we had received an e-mail with questions and answers "2017101 Joint FAQ for both ML+HS - All_Seafarers", which were distributed to all ships as well. Later we joined the lively discussion as a result of which a long list of additional and detailed question was created. All these questions will be forwarded during next KBR meeting. At the moment we cannot share any additional information as the content on new contracts in unknown. But you are always welcome to share your thoughts and rise any questions which I will forward to Management Board. As usual, whenever I receive any answers I will inform about it as soon as possible. Best Regards Seafarers Council (SBR) ___________________________________________________ "COLUMBUS" Shipmanagement GmbH Willy-Brandt-Straße 59-61, 20457 Hamburg, Germany Phone: +49 40 3705 2425 Mobile: +49 163 705 2402 E-mail: michal.wilkolek@hamburgsud.com E-mail: SBR@ham.hamburgsud.com Registered Office: Hamburg, Germany Commercial Register: Amtsgericht Hamburg HRB 26383 Managing Directors: Dr. Ottmar Gast, Dr. Heino Schmidt, Frank Smet, Dr. Arnt Vespermann, Christoph Gessner

maerskman: ну как вам интеграция? какие впечатления от брилиантовых?

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