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Blue Star Holding (EX E.R Shiffahrt - EX Komrowski Shipping) (продолжение)

Просто Моряк: http://www.bluestar-holding.com/-перенаправляется на сайт ER... г. Одесса, Мачтовая 17. Тел. (0482) 32 92 04, 32 92 05, 32 92 06. Факс: (048) 715-35-62 E-mail: crew@alncc.com URL: http://www.alncc.com Архив - начало темы

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DCi: С чем связано, коллега?

VVT: DCi пишет: С чем связано, коллега? Получили вот такую депешу : Dear BSM Crew, As you might be aware since last August 2016 all BSM Filipino crew is being deployed via a joint venture of ERSM and BSM and under the operational control of ERSM. As of today, BSM has a remaining number of 52 Officers on board all ERSM ships. Based on that number an agreement between ERSM and BSM has been made that as of 01/04/2017 all crew will be handled by ERSM and the crew management relationship between ERSM and BSM will cease. Formally that would lead to termination of the employment contracts of the BSM crew on board effective 1st April. However, for the sake of job security for those BSM crew affected, as well as for a smooth operational changeover we have agreed with ERSM that ERSM would offer employment contracts to all BSM crew on board 1st April to remain on board for the original duration of contract. Such employment contracts would be (as a minimum) on the same terms and conditions as applicable with BSM. It is our recommendation that you accept the offer ERSM will make in order to complete your current contracts. Certainly, you are invited to talk to your respective BSM Crew Service Centres once being relieved in order to discuss future employment. At the same time ERSM may offer some future employment for yourself beyond your current contract. It goes without saying that it is completely up to your discretion with which company you may want to continue your future seagoing career but to reiterate we believe that it is in the interest of all parties concerned, e.g. yourselves, ERSM and BSM to make use of the continuation offer you will receive.

Игрок: Своих нет куда деть, вот и прекращают :)

akilla: Dear Captains, officer and crew, Following extensive discussions with the owners we have entered into an agreement with KVH to install a new VSAT satellite system on board of currently 60 vessels of the E.R. managed fleet where owners have approved this setup. A list of vessels planned for the new system is attached. The system will basically consist of two satellite systems, a VSAT system that will serve as the main gateway and an Iridium Pilot terminal (IOP) that will serve as a backup gateway should the VSAT system be not available for whatever reason. It supports the business LAN and postpaid telephones as well as crew internet / email LAN and prepaid telephony. It builds on the Commbox solution already used on a large number of ships. This new solution offers a number of advantages over the existing FBB installation. - much faster connection (up to 3 Mbps download / 512 kbps upload) compared to the current speed of 284 kbps up and down; - two business telephone lines with Hamburg based phone numbers over VSAT on the bridge and in the captain's office - two business telephone lines for backup / emergency use over IOP on the bridge and in the hospital - improved crew welfare · 70+ Digital daily Newspapers in over 20 languages accessible over WiFi included · News video highlights and interviews from around the world in 13 different languages accessible over WiFi included · increased free data allowance plus lower per MB cost (50 MB / month free; 100 MB from installation of the KVH system; US$ 0,20 / MB for any additional MB) · per minute charges for prepaid phone calls vary depending on the country of destination and service (land line or mobile) starting at US$ 0,49 / minute All vessels that are not on the list are not part of the agreement and will maintain the current setup. The owners of such vessels have not opted for the new solution as they already have a comparable satellite solution on board in most cases. Nevertheless crews on these ships and the ships that will have the KVH solution installed during 2018 will also enjoy the increased free data allowance and lower per MB price. The free amount will be increased to 50 MB per month and the price for any additional MB reduced to US$ 0,20 from January 2018. The free amount will be increased further to 100 MB in Q2/2018. Corresponding changes have been made on all vessels equipped with a Commbox or Zwana server. Crewmembers will receive a top up to 50 MB per month starting on 01.01.18. The MB price has been reduced to US$ 0,20. On vessels equipped with an i250 / iW it is not so easy to apply the changes remotely. Since all of these terminals will be replaced by the new KVH VSAT equipment in the near future we decided not to apply any changes. Instead the captains on these ships are requested to hand out 2 vouchers of 25 MB each to every crewmember starting January 2018 and to charge and report half the price for those vouchers sold (US$ 5.- for Card 1, 25 MB and US$ 12.- for Card 2, 60 MB). Thanks and best regards, Boris

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