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Chaplain: Приветствую моряков! «Миссия - морякам» работает в помещении портового клуба на Ланжероновской 2 ( на середне лестницы от здания бывшего ЧМП к Таможенной площади). № ICQ 271766787. Пока начали работать в «тестовом режиме» - без времени - по будним дням. Предварительно лучше позвонить по тел. 729-3810. Вход - для моряков и их близких! Молодым морякам ознакомиться с этой организацией можно на сайте www.missiontoseafarers.org Там же, для случаев разного рода осложнений, возможных в рейсе, на сайте в разделе: Порты, находятся адреса и телефоны Клубов и Центров Миссии в примерно 300 портах мира. С пожеланием удачи, Капеллан.

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chief_engineer: Chaplain Хорошая статья, спасибо!



Chaplain: Печальная история... Том Хеффер был в Одессе 5 лет назад и сослужил в Миссии с о. Александром, так что некоторые знают, о ком речь...

Chaplain: Andrew Wright appointed new Secretary General at The Mission to Seafarers Chaplain and director of operations at the Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen, and honorary chaplain to the Isle of Wight for The Mission to Seafarers, The Revd Andrew Wright will take up his new post as Secretary General in February 2013. Robert Woods CBE, Chairman of The Mission to Seafarers said: "We are delighted that Andrew has agreed to join us and his appointment is crucial to the future success of The Mission to Seafarers." "Andrew has particularly impressed us with his great ability to speak with clarity, purpose and good humour. He has developed considerable insights into seafaring issues and has built strong personal relationships across the maritime charity sector." "He understands that at the heart of good leadership lie high levels of engagement, a clear vision and an ability to communicate that vision effectively. He will provide the essential inspirational, strategic leadership to our mission chaplaincy teams which offer welfare support in 258 ports in 71 countries around the world, and oversee our international HQ in London." The Revd Andrew Wright said: "I am deeply honoured to have been invited to take up the post of Secretary General at The Mission to Seafarers. I am very conscious of the rich heritage of the Mission and of the dynamic way in which its work has evolved in the 21st century. I will ensure that the Mission sustains its charitable purpose in a way which is faithful to its roots but which continues to show that openness to creativity and development which has been integral to success over so many years, and which has won the admiration of so many, most especially those seafarers to whom the Mission means so much." "Seafaring remains a very dangerous and exposed occupation. It brings long, long periods of absence from family. Welfare issues can too often be hidden by inaccessibility and the vastness of the seas. Crews once held so high in public esteem and imagination are now largely forgotten. I am determined to raise the profile of the Mission’s vital work, and to champion the welfare of the men and women that crew the merchant fleet as my driving priority." "I have worked in close collaboration with some of the key maritime agencies in the UK including the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, the Department of Transport and the Merchant Navy Welfare Board, which will provide the essential context to my work in 2013 and beyond. I have travelled internationally, particularly in Canada and South America and have witnessed the sometimes brutal treatment of seafarers. My involvement with the International Christian Maritime Association has given me a real understanding of global maritime welfare issues." "My visit to the Falkland Islands in 2010 exposed the reality for crews working at sea without basic employment contracts, and that indirectly caused loss of life. Harrowing details emerged of seamen jumping overboard, as they were unable to cope under the most extreme and deplorable conditions. I believe in ‘Christianity with its sleeves rolled up’ and an action-based approach; I will aim for a measureable improvement in outcomes for those who face a dangerous, frightening and lonely life at sea." "I am pleased to be returning to a ministry which is distinctively Anglican, yet also brings together all faiths, and is therefore ‘ecumenical’ in its outlook and partnerships. I am looking forward to working with the dedicated Mission family of supporters and volunteers around the world, as well as with the shipping industry in all its many forms." The appointment of Andrew Wright follows the sudden, tragic death of the former Secretary General, The Revd Tom Heffer, aged 43, earlier in the year. Andrew told us: "I am especially sensitive to the great loss that the Heffer family and the Mission have suffered. I knew, liked and respected Tom immensely and I recognise the challenge of being his successor. I am determined to take his work forward and to continue to focus on the provision of professional welfare services for seafarers in areas of greatest need." The Revd Andrew Wright was born in Worcestershire in 1958. He studied theology at The University of St Andrews before fulfilling ordination training at Ridley Hall, Cambridge. He was ordained at Liverpool Cathedral in 1984 and then worked in urban areas of significant deprivation in Liverpool, Carlisle and Wigan. He also worked as chaplain, head of religious studies and housemaster for 16 years at St Edward’s School in Oxford. He took up the post of Mission chaplain and director of operations with the Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen in 2007. He is married to Julia with whom he has four grown up children, and lives in the Isle of Wight. His interests include sailing, writing, walking and cycling. click here

Chaplain: ICMA Regional Conference announced The ICMA Mediterranean, Black Sea and Middle East Region is to present its regional conference in Odessa from 8th to 11th of April 2013. The Regional Conference was announced this week by the region’s coordinator, Deacon Ricardo Rodriguez-Martos, from Stella Maris Barcelona. The conference is made possible by a generous grant received from the ITF Seafarers Trust. In a letter to ICMA chaplains in the Region, Ricardo wrote: We are calculating costs for the conference. We will inform you very shortly of the costs and the program planned for the event. Some topics are already included for presentations to be made by specialists: 1. Cruise Ships ministry, 2.Ecumenical working and networking within ICMA, 3.Chaplains’ responses to the effects of piracy on seafarers, to be presented by the Maritime Piracy Humanitarian Response Programme 4.MLC 2006, to be presented by Douglas B. Stevenson from the Center for Seafarers Rights, SCI New York and New Jersey 5.The welfare agenda of the ITF and its Seafarers’ Trust However, given that this is a regional conference and that it is very important to take into account the concerns of the region I am asking you now for suggestions. Please send me, not later than January 16th, your proposals for topics that you would like the conference to address. Even if you don’t know if you will be able to attend the conference, send your suggestions. As far as possible we will try to find ways for people not able to attend the conference to somehow participate in it. Only ICMA members from the region need respond to the request. http://icma.as/index.php/2013/01/04/icma-regional-conference-announced/ Приглашаю желающих присоединиться к обсуждению вопросов повестки дня Конференции, с учетом возможностей именно неприбыльной Международной Христианской Морской Ассоциации, которая инициировала ее проведение. Тех, кого заинтересовали предложенные темы, прошу свои критические и иные пожелания, публиковать тут или присылать в личку. Обещаю не пропустить ни единого замечания или ценного совета - они будут гарантированно предложены к обсуждению! Желательно только выдержать сроки и сформулировать вопросы, которые вы считаете важными, до 16 января. При этом, и после этой даты, если будут серьезные замечания, я постараюсь, тем или иным способом, включить таковые в обсуждение! Спасибо.

Chaplain: Yesterday... In the eighties, Sir Paul McCartney starred in Give My Regards to Broad Street. In it, Sir Paul busks outside Broad Street station in London, playing Yesterday. What does that have to do with The Mission to Seafarers, you ask? Well, Sir Paul didn't just do this for the film. It's a genuine busking session - and he gave the proceeds to The Mission to Seafarers. "So I was standin’ there, and no one noticed it was me. They’d toss coins and I’d be going, ‘Yesterday, all my troubles -- thank you, sir -- seemed so far away...' and after we did it I made sure the money was donated to the Seaman’s Mission."


Chaplain: Прошу прощения, но ранее размещенный тут материал, изъят владельцем.


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