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Crew List for Survey vessel

Sailor_Odessa: Guys, I am on board of survey vessel and have 19 crew and 16 surveyors. How should I log surveyors - in Crew list or Passenger list? Surveyors has only local identity card and/or Passport and do not have any STCW docs or seamans book. In my practice I log them in Crew List after marine crew as supernumerary/surveyor but my reliver do as separate PAX list with naming position on board of each surveyor. Which is correct way? p.s. do not have russian keyboard

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magellan: В Passanger list всех тех у кого нет seamens book

Sailor_Odessa: Magellan, what u say about this?

Sailor_Odessa: problem solved, found info who is seafarer and who is crewmember and who is professional on board. Local Brazilian regulation NORMAM.

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