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Chainsmocker: ФОРУМ ПЕРЕЕХАЛ! ВЕСЬ КОНТЕНТ ПЕРЕНЕСЕН В ПОЛНОМ ОБЪЕМЕ ОБЩАЙТЕСЬ НА НОВОЙ ПЛОЩАДКЕ--->>> http://odessacrewing.kamrbb.ru/ ================================================================= Кто уже заходил на Балтику после вступления в силу Annex VI? Что проверяют, на что больше всего гонит PSC? С 1 января 2010 во всех портах ЕвроСоюза(не только Зап.Европы) если судно находится 2 и более часа(маневры и прохождение каналами/речками не в счет), разрешено использование только топлива с содержанием серы 0.1%. Фактически на сегодняшний день это Gas Oil(очень чистая дизелька). С 1 Июля 2010 в ECA (бывшее SECA)разрешается только использование топлива с max.содержанием серы 1.0 %. MARPOL - 2011 (En) - pdf - 12.7 Mb Marpol Annex VI Edition 2010 (En)- pdf - 10.33 Mb Ещё

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-Varela-: Все отбой, нашел формулу.

Ales: Только проходили Панамский , 10 дней назад, на тяжелом, сейчас опять должны,но походу уже на дизельке: Good day, As you are all aware, the Panama Canal Authority issued and released an advisory under ASV04-2017 (copy attached), regarding the Maneuvering requirements in Panama Canal waters. This advisory has generated some confusion with regards to the type of Fuel a vessel can burn while in Panama Canal waters (anchorages & Canal). After much consultation with the PCA, we have managed to ascertain the following regarding the Advisory: 1. The requirement to switch to MGO/MDO for maneuvering in the canal is not new and has been in place since January 01st, 2001 but has been overlooked by the Industry. 2. The requirement mandates that all vessels must switch from Heavy Fuel (even if it meets the 3.5% sulfur content cap) to Light Fuel (MGO or MDO) meeting all IMO specs, especially the cap on sulfur content which is also set at 3.5% in the Panama Canal. 3. We can inform the Industry that the position of the Panama Canal Authorities is that all vessels while entering and remain in Canal waters are required to burn Light Fuel (MGO/MDO) with a sulfur content not to exceed 3.5% m/m 4. Alternatively vessels can burn one of the following products under the conditions stated below: - Heavy fuel with less than 3.5 % sulfur content provided the vessel is equipped with an approved exhaust gas cleaning system(scrubbers). - Hybrid fuel as defined in the Advisory. No scrubbers required for burning this type of fuel. We reiterate that the use/burning of Heavy fuel oil is only permitted on ships that are equipped with an approved exhaust gas cleaning system (scrubbers). 5. Vessels approaching Canal waters must switch to MGO/MDO (alternatives point 4) until departure from Canal waters. Since the changeover usually is not instantaneous, and requires some time, the vessel shall start the changeover procedure with enough time in order to arrive to Canal waters in compliance with the requirement. It is not necessary to report completion of the changeover procedure.

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