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ORCA MS Group- Offshore Vacancies (продолжение)

Viktor: We need ASD Master Deep Sea Towage experience Voayge from Singapore to West Africa, Sierra Leone Joining - End of July Salary- 430 USD pls send your CV to: info@orcamsg.com +38048 7947374 тема письма: ASD Master "ORCA MS Group" Odessa, Ukraine Phone.: +380487947374 Fax.: +380487185262 info@orcamsg.com Архив - начало темы

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Viktor: Chief Engineer AHTS non DP, UK Owner, UK Flag (we'll issue UK CEC) m/e Cummins, 3600 bhp 2008 y.b. Working- under ARAMCO, Persian Gulf 6 weeks on/off salary 400 USD per day, door to door to apply you need 750 days or 24 months of seaservice in Seaman Book mail-to: info@orcamsg.com topic: C/E for ARAMCO

Viktor: Chief Officer with Master CoC (to be promoted for Master position) AHTS non-DP, 27 m loa, 3600 BHP, 2008 yb, UK Flag (we will issue UK CEC) 6 weeks on/off Salary from 300 + USD p.d. Only with offshore (driving and towing) experience! mail-to: info@orcamsg.com topic: Chief Officer for towing

offshoreman: Виктор а вы уже с Gulfmark не работаете? Раньше были хорошие вакансии, а сейчас очень слабенькие мягко говоря... Неужели все так печально?

Viktor: С GulfMark продолжаем конечно-же. Сейчас ситуация такая, что много судов в простое, и никого не набираем. Но это временно! P.S. Эта ветка отведена администрацией форума только для вакансий и без их обсуждений. Если есть вопросы- пожалуйста в личку или в другую специальную ветку. Тут отвечать не будем больше. Спасибо за понимание!

Viktor: for AHTS, UK Owner Cook with AB docs 12:6 week rotation- 6 weeks cooking and 6 weeks on deck as AB and 6 at home Good English Must have 1-2 voyages on AHTS Working - Saudi Arabia, ARAMCO Cooking for 8 persons Joining - ASAP Salary- 70-80 USD per day mail-to: info@orcamsg.com Topic: Cook with AB docs Только с вышеуказанным опытом и документами!!!

Viktor: Crane Operators modern Jack-Up, Norway owner Stage 2 and Stage 3 Experience - Wind turbines 4 weeks on/off, 6 weeks on/off, 8 weeks on/off Area- Europe Joining- ASAP, we may issue the Schengen Visa Salary- 450 USD pd mail-to: info@orcamsg.com topic: Crane Operators

Viktor: 2x Chief Officers AHTS, 26-35 m loa, 5200 BHP non DP, UK Flag Job - Towing and Anchor handling Working under ARAMCO, KSA 6 weeks on/off, salary idea- 300 USD pd, door to door Candidate must have 24 months of seatime on any Tugs or AHTS or PSV shown on his old and present Seaman Books Marlins test- not less 80% We will issue UK CEC on our account for approved crew Joining- ASAP mail-to: info@orcamsg.com Topic: Chief Officers for KSA

Viktor: AB for AHTS non-DP Work in St Petersburg (Russia) Join in Holland- Schengen Visa as a must!!! Offshore expeience - must have!!! 4 months contract Salary is 120 USD per day Join- ASAP Mail-to: info@orcamsg.com Topic: AB with Schengen Visa

Viktor: Master for AHTS non-DP AHTS is 36 loa, 5200 BHP Job is- Anchor Handling and Barge Towing Anchor Handling experience UK Owner, working in KSA, ARAMCO Salary to be discussed, +|- 450 USD per day 6 weeks on/off, constant job Joining ASAP We will issue UK CEC for candidate Marlins from 90% Must have 24 months of offshore seaservice on present and old Seamans Book Crimian candidates are also OK! mail-to: info@orcamsg.com topic: Master for KSA

Viktor: Master Full DP Shipowner- Singapore AHTS DP2, C-Class, ABS Class, LOA- 75 m, Beam O.- 18m GRT 2700, 2012 yb, ME- MAN, 2x 8000= 16000 BHP Main job- Anchor handling and Towing Duration 60/60 days Area- Sakhalin Salary- highly discussable!

Viktor: - Fitter Vsl type- Seismic Area- Australia 1 trip- 4 weeks +/-1 Salary is 55 USD per day Joining- ASAP after interview with owner Good English is a must, no offshore experience needed mail-to: info@orcamsg.com Topic: Fitter for Australia

Viktor: One of our UK/Norway Client (modern PSV and AHTS fleet (DP2 and non-DP)) will be looking for a full officers crew for 2 long upcomimg projects (North Sea and Asia) in the early 2016: DP- Limited/Unlimited/Advance/non-DP AHTS and PSV fleet, under UK Flag - Masters - Chief Officers - 2nd Officers - 3rd Officers - Chief Engineers - 2nd Engineers - 3rd Engineers Contracts duration will be 4 weeks on/off - North Sea, 6 weeks on/off- Asia Type of contract- Permanent Vessel operations- mainly supply To apply please send us your CVs only if you demand on below conditions!!! Must have: - Top 4 officers - strong offshore experience, exp on AHTS and PSV dwt from 2000t - 2nd and 3rd Officers and 3rd Engineers- may be considered from the small merchant fleet - UK CEC or COC or CRA on hands - Marlins test (from approved centre only)- deck officers from 90%, engine officers- 80% - Preferably with ASD Experience, but not essential Send your CVs with the salary expectation to: info@orcamsg.com Topic: "Your rank" for P2016 Only shortlisted candidates will be considered!!! "ORCA MS Group" Odessa, Ukraine Ph: +380487947374 http://www.facebook.com/OrcaMSGroup

Viktor: Chief Engineer AHT/Multicat non-DP- UK Owner BHP- 2600 LOA- 27 m Built- 2011, UK UK Flag, we will issue UK CEC for a free Salary 350 USD per day (door to door) Duration 6 weeks on/off Working under ARAMCO Work as Single Engineer Long term employment Joinining - End of March 2016 Must have: - Tug or Offshore experience (12 месяцев опыта Страмехом на Букисрах или Оффшоре в сименс буке обязательно) - Strong English Mail-to: info@orcamsg.com Тема: C/E for AHT UK

Viktor: EU Citizenship/Passport Only! - AB- salary 90 GBP/day - Motorman- salary 90 GBP/day mv- Pipe-lay & Construction (SDP Kpos 21) Short voyage- 5-10 days only Joining- 21st of February, in Scotland Experience- strong Offshore (AHTS/DSV/Construction) and strong English level is a MUST mail-to: info@orcamsg.com topic: "Ab or Motorman" for PLV

Viktor: mv DP3 Pipelay Chief Officer with Master CoC only Full DP DP3 Experience only Pipelay Experience Joining this/next week Salary and duration to be discussed mail-to: info@orcamsg.com topic: C/O for DP3

Viktor: - Superintendant Рассмотрим Стармеха или Второго Механика Работа на постоянной основе в Одессе В основном корпусный ремонт З/П 1500 Долл в месяц + бонус от выполненных работ Английский- базово-разговорный mail-to: cv@orcamsg.com topic: Superintendant

Viktor: Rank: Ch Engineer – Sole Engineer M/V Multicat/AHTS 26 mtrs loa Certification: UK CeC - we will issue for candidate Nationality: Any Start date: Mid June Rotation: 6:6 weeks Location: KSA (ARAMCO) Type of work: Towing, Barge handling, Ploughing, Anchor Handling Salary guide: Out of field: GBP £180.00, Euro 250.00, USD 270.00 In field: GBP 210.00, Euro 285.00, USD 320.00 Comments: 6 months evidence of sea time on AHTS. Initial trip 8 weeks then 6:6 weeks. Mail-to: info@orcamsg.com Topic: C/E for Aramco

Viktor: 4 x Masters with 5 years documented sea time as Master on AHTS 4 x Ch Mates with 3 years documented sea time as Master on AHTS mv AHTS, non-DP, 36m LOA, 2008 year built UK Owner, UK Flag- we will issue UK CEC 6 weeks on/off Area- Qatar, RasGas project Salary: Masters- 350 USD per day Chief Officers- 306 USD per day Have to be ready to pass Marlins test (on Company account), result - not lower 90% Joining 20th of July 2016 Требование- показать опыт в сименсбуке (старом,новом) - 5 лет для Капитана и 3 года для Старпома работы на АХТСах mail-to: info@orcamsg.com topic: Crew for RasGas

Viktor: 43 Mtrs Hydro-graphic survey boat, 2*331KW Schottel rudder propeller: 1. MASTER - European Master's License or equivalent for unlimited area operation for vessel tonnage less than 3000GRT. He shall be fluently bilingual that he reacts immediately to a stressed command in English. Shall have at least (6) years' experience as Master on vessels similar to the requirement. Master shall be capable of skillfully handling and maneuvering of Vessel and responsible for overall administration of the vessel . must have GMDSS qualification. 2. CHIEF MATE - Shall at all times hold European Master's License or equivalent for unlimited area operation for vessel tonnage less than 3000GRT. He shall be fluently bilingual that he reacts immediately to a stressed command in English. Shall have at least (4) years' experience as Chief Mate on vessels similar to the requirement. Chief Mate shall be capable of skillfully handling and maneuvering of Vessel and responsible for day to day administration . must have GMDSS qualification. 3. CHIEF ENGINEER - Shall at all times during the term of the Contract be in possession of a valid European Marine Chief Engineer's License or equivalent for unlimited area operation for power limitation less than 3000KW. He shall have at least (6) years' experience as a Chief Engineer on vessels similar to the requirement and assist the master in the vessel administration pertaining to technical issues. - Master- 220-270 USD per day - Chief Officer - 180-230 USD per day - Chief Engineer- 200-250 USD per day Contract Terms: 3 months ON (+/- 1 month) Max: 5 months Trading Area: Jeddah, Duratt Al Arous Operation: Jeddah (Red Sea) mail-to: info@orcamsg.com Topic: Crew for HGSB

Viktor: Chief Engineer (Single Engineer) but only with Chief Engeineer Certiticate mv AHTS non-DP UK owner, 2006 y.b. in UK LOA- 27 m, m/e 2 x Cummins (total BHP 2600) Bollard pull - 34 tonnes Vessel doing Anchor Handling and Towing Operation area- Persian Gulf Duration 6 weeks on/off Long term employment Salary- 320 USD per day while in ARAMCO Charter (mostly) and 270 USD per day not on field Requirements: Offshore experience as Chief Engineer - 12 months minimum (stamps in Seaman or Record Book) Strong English- Marlins not less 90% Ready to work as Single Engineer Job start- end of October 2016 mail-to: info@orcamsg.com topic: Chief Engineer for AHTS non-DP

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