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kompai: ну что ктото ходил на собиседование ?чтото пахнет лохотроном

melja: в чём лохотрон? компания уже нервый год на рынке

ladnis: но кто реально от них сейчас уходит и с кем работают?????

goalkeeper: Мотором или третим реально уйти?

Tramontana: goalkeeper пишет: Мотором или третим реально уйти? Уважаемый goalkeeper, предоставленной в Вашем сообщении информации недостаточно для оценки "реальности" трудоустройства через наше крюинговое агентство.

Tramontana: Уважаемые моряки, Вчера был взломан наш почтовый сервер и произошла рассылка спама c темой сообщения"Very Important". Приносим извенения всем морякам получившим от нас спам сообщения.

dudkin_t@mail.ru: Опыт в офшоре +хороший англ,мотористом или 3тим мехом реально уйти?если да,то сколько ждать по времени?

антиFa: Tramontana пишет: Уважаемый goalkeeper, предоставленной в Вашем сообщении информации недостаточно для оценки "реальности" трудоустройства через наше крюинговое агентство. трамонтана прям как робот вэртер общается.так и отдает металлом в голосе. сорри за оффтоп Info: РОБОТ

Tramontana: Ув. моряки, возможно, эта информация будет интересна для ваших родственников или знакомых. У наших клиентов из ОАЭ появились открытые вакансии на НПЗ в ОАЭ. Вакансии для береговых работников с опытом на НПЗ и знанием английского языка выше среднего. Хорошие условия оплаты + социальный пакет для работника и его семьи. Жилье, мед. страховку и стоимость обучения детей оплачивает компания. Открыты следующие в вакансии: 
- planning engineer 1. BASIC FUNCTION Reviews requirements for and participates in the preparation of routine, preventive, predictive and shutdown maintenance. Actively participates in major turnaround scope finalization in coordination with maintenance engineering and other concerned personnel, and issues them as required. Orders/reserves necessary spares required. Follows up on implementation of such schedules and adjusts as necessary in discussion with concerned personnel. Liaises with area engineers to arrange material reservations and support services prior to shutdown. Ensures the continued logging and updating of Computerized Maintenance Management System. 2. WORK PERFORMED 2.1 Directs and supervises the activities of the assigned personnel in the Section. Performs supervisory functions at the level established by Management for the position. 2.2 Plans routine daily maintenance tasks in the plant for electrical, instrument, mechanical and civil works. Ensures that work orders received are logged by Planners/Data entry clerks on the basis of time, date and requirement. Follows up on the job preparation detailing man-hour estimates, spare parts requirements and workshop/other section support services. Liaises with Operations personnel, if required, to establish work priorities. Follows up with Inspection personnel to obtain necessary repair work list and procedures to help in job preparation. 2.3 Reviews and participates in the preparation of routine, preventive and predictive maintenance schedules for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly work requirements of equipment based on manufactures recommend practices. Includes reviewing job content and frequency with concerned Engineers and Planners and finalizing it with Section head. 2.4 Follows up on implementation of maintenance schedules. Includes visiting sites and attending coordination meetings to obtain feedback on work progress; receives completed check list and adjusts schedules as appropriate; and ensuring the logging of actual man-hours spent and the regular updating of outstanding maintenance works as backlog. Highlights repetitive equipment malfunctioning to concerned personnel for further consideration. 2.5 Reviews and discusses requirements pertaining to planned/unplanned shutdowns and overhauls. Checks work lists received from various sections and prepares compiled work scope for shutdown including work orders in backlog due to shutdown. Prepares preliminary estimates of the duration and manpower requirements, obtains details of manpower/equipment availability, firms up an overall plan and issues to sections concerned. Identifies jobs beyond in-house resource capabilities and provides information and assistance for further work of contract development. Participates in technical bids evaluations and pre-qualification of contractors. 2.6 Updates the Preventive Maintenance reviews regularly. Ensures availability of critical spares. 2.7 Follows up with area engineers on the detailed preparation of material reservations and support services requirements, prior to shutdown. Liaises with shutdown contractors planning staff for preparation of detailed execution schedule, monitors the same during shutdown, adjusts time estimates accordingly and highlights action required for meeting the overall schedule. 2.8 Participates in the preparation of various maintenance reports on a regular and adhoc basis. The reports include weekly overtime status reports, a monthly manpower utilization report, detailed backlog report and performance reports. Prepares detailed post shutdown report indicating manpower and material utilizations and recommendations for future shutdowns. 2.9 Ensures prompt implementation and effective utilization of Computerized Maintenance Management System, follows up on data entry of maintenance man-hours usage on day-to-day basis and the updating of equipment history cards. Issues computerized reports as and when requested. 2.10 Assists in preparing training programmes for National employees undergoing on-the-job training by identifying specific training needs. Provides essential training, guidance and counselling to trainees, developees and other subordinates with a clear objective of career development. 2.11 Performs other similar or related duties as assigned. Includes maintaining or ensuring the maintenance of all related files and records, complying with all mandatory safety codes, etc. provides back-up to area engineers by sharing on-call responsibilities for maintenance works beyond normal office hours and on holidays. 3. MINIMUM REQUIREMENT • B.Sc. in Mechanical, Electrical or Electronics Engineering.. • years experience in maintenance and planning in an oil/gas or petrochemical industry. • Knowledge and use of computerized maintenance management system. - project mechanical engineer BASIC FUNCTION: Within the Projects Execution Section; carry out Project Management & control functions including Construction Supervision, ensuring interdisciplinary coordination, and Project execution completion within the agreed cost & time frame, exactly meeting the intended objectives, especially for items pertaining to Mechanical discipline. Also, to ensure that plant and new projects constructed / installed, tested, commissioned & handed over, in line with best world-class practices and standards, Project specifications, good engineering practices & approved designs, ensuring highest HSE & quality Standards, MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: 1. Minimum Educational qualifications: Graduation in Mechanical Engineering 2. Min. Years of relevant experience (Years): 05 years 3. Technology know-how (Systems, Machinery, Equipment, etc.): • Has a thorough knowledge of all aspects of mechanical engineering & equipments , cost estimating (pertaining to Construction), schedules and safety & Project management. • Possesses current knowledge of organisational practices. • Familier with applicable & relevant International codes & standards. • Has functional experience with Microsoft Office applications and is familiar with hydrocarbon processing • Is able to engage in technical discussions and run meetings with engineers and contractors • Hands on experience in the Mechancial Construction & testing, Commissioing aspects of Refinery systems with goof Supervisory skills. Also, familier with Rigging / lifting works along with good knowledge of Construction tools & taclkes. 4. Supervisory skills. • Has excellent communication and interpersonal skills • Able to estimate the manpower & resource requiements for a given works • Has knowledge of the Oil and Gas Industry • Is proficient in verbal and written English 5. Other ‘must-have’ skills: • Has functional experience with Microsoft Office applications and is familiar with hydrocarbon processing - safety engineer 1.BASIC FUNCTION Supervises, coordinates and monitors the plant loss control programmes and provides specialist advice and assistance on safety aspects to Plant Departments. Controls the provision of a safe and hygienic work environment for all company and contractor’s personnel in the assigned plant area. Participates in the development of safety procedures and safety training programmes, and in safety audits. Prepares reports on incidents with recommendations for improvement. 2. WORK PERFORMED 2.1 Supervises, coordinates and monitors the plant loss control programmes such as accident prevention, training and inspection programmes. Analyses accidents and recommends actions to update the programmes to control and minimize losses. 2.2 Assists in the formulation and development of plant safety programmes. This includes ensuring the availability of safety manuals, hazardous area instructions, safety materials, safety publications and posters. Brings to the attention of the supervisor unsafe working practices and conditions and recommends improvement. 2.3 Develops and conducts safety training programmes in loss prevention which includes supervising practical exercises. Develops and coordinates orientation programmes aimed at promoting accident prevention among personnel, supervises specific emergency drills for personnel in assigned area, and assesses programme effectiveness. Arranges for adequate training aids. 2.4 Carries out monthly safety inspection of all areas assigned to him. Identifies potential hazards, recommends solutions, prepares action plans and follows up on implementation, evaluates results and reports findings to supervisor. Motivates departmental supervisors to achieve excellence in safety and loss prevention. 2.5 Ensures that all safety equipment and facilities are kept in best working condition by preparing preventive maintenance programmes and associated procedures, maintaining efficient record keeping systems for all equipment under his responsibility and recommends the replacement of faulty equipment to his supervisor. 2.6 Directs the implementation of the “permit to work” system. Includes reviewing permits issued by Operations personnel, certifying such permits when required, and ensuring that proper measures are taken prior to commencement of work. Ensures all work areas are safe for required work through visits to work sites during dangerous or potentially difficult work. 2.7 Participates in incident control during major accident or emergencies in the plant. Investigates all incidents and prepares an independent assessment of cause, results and measures to be taken to alleviate future occurrences. Prepares regular reports on incidents and statistical summaries of resulting losses. Monitors automotive activity in the plant and recommends actions to be taken in case of unsafe driving practice. 3. MINIMUM REQUIREMENT • B.Sc. in Science, Chemical Engineering or equivalent. • 5 years experience in safety matters, preferably in an oil/gas or petrochemical plant. • UAE Valid driving license in preferable. • Good knowledge of English. - fire engineer - corrosion engineer - scheduler - IT systems engineer - electrical engineer - Lab chemist - operator of pipeline, olefins & all, base oil - automation engineer Зарплата в зависимости от должности от USD 5500 до USD 10500 в мес. С отобранными соискателями будет проведено интервью с работодателем во второй половине декабря. Для резюме: info@tramontana.biz

AlekseyK: *PRIVAT*

Tramontana: - fire engineer Purpose Of The Job: Plans, directs and supervises the activities of the Fire Section. Develops, plans and directs Fire Protection programs in the plant. Provides professional advice and assistance to Plant departments on fire protection and fire prevention. Conducts fire protection hazard identification programs, reviews new project design and plant modification and ensures adequate protection measures to eliminate emergency incidents; develops and implements procedures for protection of personnel, assets and environment at large. TYPICAL EXPERIENCE/KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED FOR THE JOB 1. B.Sc. in Fire Science or Equivalent. 2. 9 Years experience in various aspects of Fire Protection, preferably in an oil refinery or petrochemical plant, of which at least 5 years should have been at a supervisory level. 3. UAE Driving Licence is an advantage. 4. Computer Software user’s knowledge and experience. 5. Good knowledge of English. - corrosion engineer 1. BASIC FUNCTION Provides expertise and assumes responsibility for areas related to corrosion monitoring and control in Abu Dhabi Refinery including cross country pipelines, and Mussafah terminal. Reviews the metallurgy of the equipment and piping and makes recommendations for upgrading as required. Reviews the operating conditions to assess and monitor corrosive conditions and evaluates the material performance in corrosive streams. 2. WORK PERFORMED 2.1 Conducts inspection, corrosion monitoring and corrosion control for the plant equipment, storage tanks and pipelines to ensure integrity and reliability of ADRD equipment. Prepares periodic corrosion reports and maintains updated inspection management system. 2.2 Reviews the existing cathodic protection system design, highlights problems and suggests improvement to ensure protection of all respective structures / equipment at ADRD. 2.3 Reviews the inspection / corrosion observations and analyses the same after turnaround and on-stream inspections. Identifies causes of corrosion and failure and makes necessary recommendations. 2.4 Carries out failure analysis and failure investigation in order to enhance safety and integrity of the plant. Supervises the cathodic protection system upkeep and monitoring of piping, tanks, marine and concrete structures. Updates / prepares the records and inspection files for the plant and equipment. Maintains updated inspection management system. 2.5 Reviews the existing corrosion monitoring tools and advises upgrading as required to ensure effective corrosion monitoring 2.6 Reviews the corrosion control policies / procedures and upgrades the same as required to ensure effective corrosion control. 2.7 Reviews the metallurgy for the modification and major projects. Updates procedures and specifications related to corrosion management & inspection activities and recommends repairs/operating parameters to extend the life of equipment and piping. 2.8 Carries out on-site metallography using replica technique to monitor microstructures; evaluates microstructure condition and issues reports. 2.9 Carries out thorough and detailed review of all ADRD units to define the corrosion loops and carries out detailed study to meet the requirements of Risk- Based Inspections. 3. MINIMUM REQUIREMENT o B. Sc. in Metallurgical, Mechanical or Chemical Engineering preferably with qualification in corrosion engineering. o 5 Years experience in process and utilities of Petroleum Refineries, Chemical Process Plants. o Good knowledge of written and spoken English. - scheduler BASIC FUNCTION: To collect, review and discuss Work Order inputs like priority, description of work, functional locations etc., with the respective Planner. To ensure and plan for timely availability of all resources i.e. manpower, material reservation, equipment and vendor requirements for effective execution without any delays. To monitor progress of work for schedule jobs. To schedule required resources and infrastructure by maximum utilization of available resources to make the whole planning and scheduling process cost effective. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS : 1. Minimum Educational qualifications: Graduation (GR. 12) plus Diploma 2. Min. Years of relevant experience (Years): Five years 3. Technology know-how (Systems, Machinery, Equipment, etc.): Good understanding of maintenance requirements in terms of resources, infrastructure, and spare parts etc. Ability to use the computerized system. Knowledge and use of computerised maintenance management system. 4. Supervisory skills. Not mandatory. 5. Other ‘must-have’ skills: Ability to use the computerized system. Knowledge and use of computerised maintenance management system. Proficient in using planning softwars like Primavera or MS Project. - IT systems engineer BASIC FUNCTION: Ensures smoothness of daily / planned maintenance and project follow-up activities related to Ruwais Refinery Office automation, servers administration and upgrade, Data network LAN / WAN, Supporting business applications like (LIMS, PACER, Business Objects) and other in-house development Oracle & databases through Systems Engineers. Participates in preparing IT budget requirements, development of policies and procedures related Ruwais Refinery computer users and their applications. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS : 1. Minimum Educational qualifications: B.Sc. in I.T., Computer Science, or equivalent degree. 2. Min. Years of relevant experience (Years): - 7 Years experience in the development and implementation of computer industrial applications and databases, and PC support Hardware and Software and Exchange servers and Networking. - Good knowledge of English both written and spoken. 3. Technology know-how (Systems, Machinery, Equipment, etc.): Windows OS 4. Supervisory skills. - Directs and supervises the activities of assigned personnel. - Directs, supervises and participate in the administration, upgrading and maintaining servers related to the systems group at Ruwais Refinery. - Participates in the Business Applications for in-house development and implementation in order to provide overall enhancements and productivity. - Coordinates and supervises the work of the external consultants and contractors related to the office Automation system. - Reviews and comments on engineering projects including initiating and developing work to improve plant department’s efficiency, flexibility, and safety. - electrical engineer PURPOSE OF THE JOB: Provides specialized technical guidance and support in the Maintenance engineering, troubleshooting and failure analysis of a wide range of electrical equipment in the plant such as large generators, motors, transformers, switchgear and other distribution equipment and control systems. Reviews and participates in the design and development of related projects. Prepares statement of requirements for new projects. Participates in technical bid evaluation. Assesses the reliability of critical control packages and makes recommendations for enhancement. Provides assistance to development engineering, operations and assess the performance of major packages. Study and recommend to enhance their reliability. Directs troubleshooting of chronic problems, identifying reasons and recommending remedial action, and ensures that maintenance services are provided safely and efficiently. Participates in the preparation of annual budgets and five-year plans. TYPICAL EXPERIENCE/KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED FOR THE JOB: 1. B. Sc. In Electrical Engineering. 2. 7 years experience in the installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of a wide range of Power Generation and high voltage transmission equipment, and distribution systems and drives and other electrical equipment and associated advanced control and protection systems in an oil/gas or petrochemical industry, and/or power generation plants. 3. Good knowledge of English both written and spoken. - Lab chemist PURPOSE OF THE JOB: Supervises all activities of the Day, Shift, ATK, Water, Sulphur, Octane, BeAAT, GUP & Analytical laboratories. Monitors performance of special analyses and studies required for an effective quality control testing programme for good operational control of various process units / plants. Certifies finished products for export. Co-ordinates with senior Operation and Production Planning staff and Process and Inspection Engineers for analysis schedules of on-stream samples, unscheduled samples, quality control, test runs, shutdown, startup, corrosion control and technical surveys. Reviews daily lab test results of the concerned labs for any abnormalities. Provides expertise as needed for the development of test methods, equipment lay-outs, and best Laboratory practices for upcoming projects. Also evaluates and provides technical advice to project department in the selection process of new analyzer & other Laboratory set up. TYPICAL EXPERIENCE / KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED FOR THE JOB : 1. B.Sc. in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering or equivalent. 2. 9 years experience in a petroleum refinery laboratory with a wide range of knowledge in quality control, internationally established standard test methods / testing techniques and instrumental analysis, research applicable in particular to testing of crude oil / condensate & petroleum products, of which at least 4 years should have been in a supervisory position. 3. Very Good knowledge of English, both spoken and written. 4. Computer literate. - operator of pipeline, olefins & all, base oil 1. BASIC FUNCTION Operates control panels comprising highly sophisticated and computerised (DCS) equipment on shift in the assigned operating area. Includes the operations and control of instrumentation on the control panels governing process qualities and quantities. Constantly visualizes, diagnoses and manipulates micro processing electronic controlling facilities to ensure proper function and that products meet the required stipulated specifications and quantities. Includes gas receipt stations, water receipt stations and their utilities and various equipment including transmission pipelines, flares, burn pits and pig launchers and receivers. Provides functional direction to Operators to adjust plant operations. 2. WORK PERFORMED 2.1. Accepts shift from off-going Senior Operator with detailed log sheet of operational adjustments and changes during previous shift and hands over job and completed own log sheet in an orderly and efficient manner to incoming Senior Operator. 2.2. Operates electronic, computerized, sophisticated and critical instruments on plant control panel governing the operation of highly complicated process and non process operating units, such as Catalytic Reformer, high pressure steam boilers, marine terminal loading operations and gas receipt stations. 2.3. Constantly monitors control panel, diagnoses abnormal situations, initiates operational adjustments and maintains a continuous check on the operating plants. Takes reading of essential instruments to ensure that equipment is operated within the specified parameters and limits. Records and reports serious operational deviations to the supervisor and takes immediate remedial corrective actions. Implements the emergency procedures as dictated by the circumstances. 2.4. Reviews and analyses outside log sheet readings at regular intervals with control room instrumentation to make sure they correlate. Verifies correct operations of rotary and stationary plant equipment. 2.5. Reviews laboratory results and makes the necessary fine-tuning of the control panel instruments to ensure that products meet the specified quantities and qualities. Keeps the Shift Supervisor fully advised on all related aspects and obtains guidance when necessary. 2.6. Controls operating plant start-ups, shutdowns and emergencies. Includes controlling the alterations of speeds, temperatures, pressures and flow rates as necessary. 2.7. Attends the departmental safety, health and good housekeeping meetings. Participates in plant inspection tours, and takes active participation in implementing company policies of safety, health, and loss prevention and quality management. 2.8. Discusses all accidents, incidents and near misses with shift supervisor and fellow operators in order to avoid recurrence. 2.9. Observes all safety, fire and security rules and regulations, including the use of protective clothing and equipment, and ensures all personnel working in his area comply with safety procedures. Ensures the maintenance of assigned area in a clean and tidy condition. 2.10. Performs other similar or related duties, as assigned including training fellow operators, completing log book, conveying messages/instructions to operators for operational adjustments, etc. Works with advanced system Advanced Process Control (APC) system and monitoring the advanced operational system. 3. PHYSICAL EFFORT Work involves walking and standing whilst operating, checking and taking readings, for about 70% of the work time. 4. WORK ENVIRONMENT Exposed to prevailing weather and plant conditions, dirt, dust, noise up to 10% of the work time. Eye strain to 80% 5. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS 5.1 Completion of Technical Secondary (12 years) education followed by 2 years full time training leading to a Diploma in a technical trade. 5.2 Candidates should have Pipeline Experience 5.3 5 - 6 years experience in plant operations in an oil/gas or petrochemical industry. 5.4 Good knowledge of English. - automation engineer PURPOSE OF THE JOB: Identifies user requirements for DCS systems, advanced control, process optimisation and presents to Automation section head and management with relevant technical and financial justification for adoption. Provides conceptual design and specifications of new / amended systems and recommends solutions to design and implementation problems. Reviews deficiencies with concerned personnel and suggests solutions thereof for various issues related to Distributed Control System (DCS), Advanced process control (APC) and Real Time Database (PI) and plant automation. Assists users in all DCS systems implementation and utilization matters. Participates in preparing data processing budget requirements related to process control, development of policies and procedures related to DCS and plant automation. TYPICAL EXPERIENCE/KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED FOR THE JOB: - B.Sc. in Chemical or Electronics engineering.. - 7 Years experience in refinery and process control applications and databases - Working Experience in ABB or Foxboro or Yakogawa systems is a must - Good knowledge of English both written and spoken. - Computer literate.

Trencher: кто в курсе о каком пароходе идет речь? Отослал им свою сивишку, а в ответ тишина... DSV/DP2 performing ROV operations at UAE waters. YB:2013 Shift rotation: 50 days on/off Joining: first week of Dec. Candidate should have good experience with Kongsberg console , be familiar with ROV procedures, BOSIET, MARLINS & Full DP ticket. Kindly send you application form to cv@tramontana.biz

melja: Trencher пишет: кто в курсе о каком пароходе идет речь? походу туда же и ТСМ набирает. и ещё пара-тройка круингов в ТСМе мне сказали, что 2013 г. постройки, малыш менее 500 рег тонн, названием забыл поинтересоваться, подкатило более интересное предложение

Trencher: melja пишет: , малыш менее 500 рег тонн

Trencher: нашёл сам DP2 Seamaster scuba diving support vessel

melja: Trencher пишет: DP2 Seamaster scuba diving support vessel пля) водолазный бот какой то

TSV: Норм контора,друг от них ходит и 2 знакомых,оклады считаю нормальные 1800-2500 3тий мех,суда новые карьерный рост с рядовых в офицеры..кидалова какого либо никогда не слышал...

Роман: Кто то реально работал ??? ответе пожалуйста предлагают работу не знаю что делать одна вода нечего конкретного !

gks666: Я работал,спрашивай.

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